Friday, July 20, 2007


Beebalm is also known as Bergamot or
Oswego Tea.

The female Hummingbird

knows it as a good nectar source.
As do the bees and the butterflies.
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PAT said...

I've been browsing your posts, Sherry. All just gorgeous, as usual.

We have several bird books, but should really pick up a wildflower guide! Although J is wonderful with plant identification, there are lots that he does not recognize. I'm a rank amateur of course!


Anonymous said...

This is such an amazing series of shots that you captured! BRAVO

Q said...

Hi Pat,
Thank you.
These are the days for Hummingbirds and butterflies!
Learning the wildflowers is interesting.
Many are herbs.
I enjoy knowing what I am looking at.

Q said...

Hi Mon@ark,
Thank you.
Nature provides the beautiful subjects I just snap the photos.
You take some amazing photos yourself!
It is fun and nice to see the different birds and bugs that live all over the world.

Mary said...

Ok, Beebalm on my list. These are the best shots of hummers I have seen. Makes me want to stand on my deck for hours to do the same but I am smart enough to know it will be a few years before I can do what you do.

Aweosome, Sherry! You do my fine birdies good!

Q said...

Dear Mary,
Do plant Beebalm! If you get the purple kind the hummers and the butterflies like it the best. I have red too and they don't seem to go for it. Be sure and make sure your plants are organically grown and are nectar plants. I recently read some of the nursery varities of plants are pretty but are nectarless.
I grew this stand from seed three years ago. Last year it bloomed some but this year it really took off. I am expanding its area so next year it will be even bigger.
Once the blooms set seed I will cut it back and harvest leaves for my teas. If you would like I will save some seed for you and send them after they are ripe. You can plant in the spring.
A great plant for everyone. Plus it is pretty in the garden.

Sprite said...


These are just precious, thank you Sherry!

L~ sprite

Anonymous said...

What wonderful shots these are!
I have been looking through your posts and am amazed at all the different butterflies you have captured.
Great Blog!

Q said...

Dear Sprite,
She is sweet!
My husband liked this series too.
As the summer has progressed she is less afraid of me. Makes for easier photos.

Q said...

Hi Sandi,
So glad you came. I am looking forward to seeing your birds and bugs and blooms.
Thank you. I do have lots of fun with the birds and bugs. since July 1st I have seen 28 different species in my yard. I keep a monthly list. That way I know what to expect next year.