Monday, July 30, 2007


I am packing July things up today
and decorating the house for August.
Sunflowers are my theme.
Every year I have a sunflower garden.
This year I sowed my seeds late.
They will bloom in late August or early September.
I will use the bird's sunflowers until mine are ready.
My old journal is full. Today I began a new August journal.
I filled in our program of study and our daily activities. I have an event planner and a place to write the birds and butterflies that come to call. I keep track of what's in bloom each week of the month. I keep a running total of picked zucchini and tomatoes.
I write my ideas down, my hopes and my dreams, our comings and goings.
I have a place for the little poems that pop into my mind.
I am decorating, redoing and refining.
It is misting outside.


Mary C said...

Sherry, I love your concept of keeping a journal on so many things. It's great when you can look back on it a year from now and note what birds and butterflies you saw on that same date a year ago. And what a neat place to keep all your ideas and jotting down poems. That is so cool.

Mary said...

Sherry, you are the definition of "happy organization". I should be more like you. I can tell you are very ready for your vacation!

Q said...

Dear Mary C,
I keep monthly journals!
I write a bit each morning while I have my coffee and morning birds.
I have done this for many years.
The birds and bugs are fun to keep track of too. I do this in two places, the monthly journal and in a small Book of Days.
With my monthly decorating I really have to stay organized. I do each month like some people do "Christmas." Some months have more stuff than others. I live in a little house and I have lots of stuff.
It is very fun to decorate each month.

Q said...

Dear Mary,
I am ready for my trip. I need five pairs of socks for hiking and bicycling and that is it.
I want to find some cream colored bamboo socks. I have them in black but I think cream would look nice with my outfits.
I still could be more organized!
I have lots of going throughs to do and getting rid ofs.
I am slow yet ever so sure. Like the turtle I get there in my own time and pace. I stop often not only to smell the flowers but to say, "Hello" to a bird or a bug!
You do that too...