Monday, July 23, 2007

Common Whitetail

The Common Whitetail Dragonfly

has deemed the back pond as his territory.


Naturegirl said...

You've identified the dragonfly that I posted a few days ago!! Thank you!!
Did my white tail send a message to yours to appear...I was in awe of the
transparent wings and the strong brown color!!Connected by our dragonflies..hugs NG

Mary said...

I have the common whitetails here but they stay on the west side of the house (the hottest). I haven't seen them at the pond yet (east). Interesting? I see them over dry fields, mainly.

As usual, a wonderful photo. Good night, Q.

Q said...

Dear NG,
You are so welcome! This is a male, the female has a brown abdomen with yellowish dashes on the sides.
These Dragonflies fly every evening, right at sunset, eating the mosquitoes that come out. Last night I saw six of them. Too dark for photos!
Yours did send a message to mine to show himself! He did not want me around the back pond today!
We are very connected.
Dragonflies and Butterflies,
Moonbeams and Star Sisters,
Fairy Friends,

Q said...

Dear Mary,
The Dragonflies do set their territories! I wonder about the dry fields?? Maybe there is a pond near by or something.
They are beautiful and incredible flyers.
Sleep well.