Sunday, July 08, 2007

Holy Zukes!

It is a good year for zucchini.

The plants are huge.
Some are shoulder high.
My husband calls them,
"Atomic plants."
This one leaf is 19 inches long without its stem.
I have not seen any squash bugs.
Perhaps the birds are earning their keep.

I have picked 58 fruits and more are ready.
We eat zucchini every day.
I share with family and friends.

I still have plenty to put up.
I shred the zukes and place them in zip lock freezer bags.
Come winter I will have my zucchini for my husband's muffins.


Sprite said...


Wow! They are big this year, holy cow!

No squash bugs? That is rather interesting. I remember last year you were on the ground picking them off the plants. Do you think it is the birds? That is wonderful!

Yum-O Zucchini muffins.... mmmmm

Supersonic Atomic Plants, I'd say.



nina at Nature Remains. said...

We're drowning in zukes, too! Most of what we prepare with it turns out to be rather "italian"--my version. But, lately, added curry, served over rice and went "indian". Not too bad.

Q said...

Dear Sprite,
I am so happy to have a good crop this year.
I do not know if it is the birds or the wasps or why no squash bugs but I am ever so happy none so far!
To make it through the winter I need 23 bags of shredded zucchini. Last year I was not able to put any up. I used what I did in 2005, plus I used pumpkin. If I can get the freezer full I will not need to buy so many pumpkins come October!
My husband does like his morning muffins!

Q said...

Dear Nina,
We eat zukes every day!
I make grilled zucchini sandwiches and stir fry and pizza. Last night I took a small one and chopped it up raw for our salad.
I do like to eat as much raw food as I can.
We love the zukes! Never too many..
I will try the Indian accent. Sounds yummy.