Friday, July 13, 2007

Way down yonder....

in the Paw-paw patch!

The kind people at Prairie & Wetland Center called this morning.
My Paw-paw plant was in.

After lunch I went to pick up miss Paw-paw.
I was entertained by a pair of mating Viceroys.
I do not think I have ever seen them.
It was nice to see Monarchs in the same Butterfly garden.
I easily could tell the difference.

They only had one Paw-paw.
Many of the trees died in April.

I will grow this one and see how it does in my gardens.
If I need more I can get them next year.
Hopefully the Zebra Swallowtails will find my Paw-paw
and lay eggs.


Mary said...


I've never seen so many gorgeous and unique butterflies! You have it all, lady!

Hugs to you,

Q said...

Dear Mary,
The butterflies need us backyard gardeners. They are needing native plants! As their habitat is taken they do not have the host plants they so badly need. Some caterpillars will starve rather than eat a "strange" leaf! Adding the element of planned leaf eaters is different. Normally I do not want my plants eaten!
As I re-plant I am aware of "wild and native" and so excited! This style of gardening is much easier once the beds are planted.
I just learned that purslane is one of the host plants for the Sphnix Moth! These are incredible moths...
I have been weeding out purslane for years.
Now I see it differently! Ground for caterpillars.
Going Native is great!
Hugs and lime in our waters,

Sprite said...


Oh My Goodness!

The Viceroys are SO BEAUTIFUL! They really must be faery couriers. I am just in heaven reading corner today, as I catch up from a few days ago.

Q, you have taken a challenging spring and turned it into a Butterfly Habitat. I say "There are no accidents!"

Talk about transformations... You go Girlfriend!

This is just WONDERFUL!

I love your plans, I love the wild and native, I am so happy to see these beautiful photographs.

You are one remarkable woman!

much love,


Q said...

Dear Sprite,
I was so pleased to see the Viceroys! Sometimes it is nice to bring a beverage and sit a spell and look at the birds or the butterflies!
I do post often!
Thank you dear friend. I was very sad in April, May and June! Finding a way to remove the dead plants and be excited about the direction the gardens would go took a while for me to know.
I have lots for the butterflies already but I will be adding lots and lots more!
The trip to Powell Gardens and the new butterfly book made a big differrence for me. Our trip in August to the bird sanctuary and butterfly conservatory will give me some ideas too. I still will have my tea gardens and my cutting gardens now they will be butterfly habitat as well.
this plan of action also should be nice for photos!
Thank you for your kind words.
Butterfly wings,