Friday, July 20, 2007

Every little bit helps

We have had a few little rain showers today.
I am up to one tenth of an inch.

The false lettuce is a question for me.
It is a rather large wildflower.
I read it is endangered in some areas.
I also read it can be invasive.
I can't decide if I shall pull it out or let it thrive.
Today it thrives.
The Kumquat is in bloom.
It has dropped many of its leaves.
I have started new trees from last year's fruit.

Between showers a few of the butterflies emerge.
It takes about five minutes before I will see the Cabbage Whites fly about
and the Silver Spot Skippers.
I will keep my eye out for the Swallowtails.


Sprite said...


Oh My Goodness Sherry,

I missed this lovely post. The blooms and butterflies are lovely.

The question is, did you or did you not?


smiles and grins and butterfly friends,


Q said...

Dear Sprite,
I did pull the false lettuce. I had two rather large plants growing and they were in my garden paths.
Slowly I am learning what all the "weeds" are. I will leave some as they are bird and butterfly food. Others I will pull.
I think it will take me a few years to to get the gardens to native and tidy!
Butterfly kisses,