Saturday, July 28, 2007


Snowberry Clearwing
We received a little rain last night, just three tenths of an inch.
It was enough to water the freshly planted plants and the seedlings.
The bird baths and rain barrels were filled.
I can take a break from watering today.

The Snowberry Clearwing Moth looks similar to the Hummingbird Clearwing.
It is much smaller and has the distinctive yellow "bee" bands.
Often mistaken for a large Bumblebee.
They are part of the Lepidoptera Group, Butterflies and Moths.
As a backyard naturalist I am recording when I see the winged jewels of the Lepidoptera Family. I record the nectar plants they visit and the host plants I see them laying eggs on.
The Butterfly Bush will draw many to my deck area.
The rain will help the plants thrive.
The bugs will thrive.
The birds will thrive.
And so will I.
Thank you for sending rain.


Mary C said...

These are such fascinating critters, Sherry. And you do such a great job capturing them in action. I doubt if I should ever see these critters in my corner of the world. So, thank you for sharing and for teaching me about these kinds of moths.

Q said...

Hi Mary C,
I looked at the range map for Snowberry Clearwings and I think they are in your area!
Their latin name, Hemaris diffinis, may help you in researching them. You might find them nectaring along side Bumble Bees.
Many of the Hummingbird moths are also called Hawk Moths or Sphnix Moths. It is a large family. They all are very wonderful.
The Clearwings are fast flyers. They hover like the Hummingbirds.
Hope you get to see them.

Sprite said...


Dear Sherry,

These are beautiful creatures, they feel like a cross between a bumblebee and a hummingbird.

Faeries must have a delightful time riding like the wind with these precious ones.

Oh, I am so delighted!


Q said...

Dear Sprite,
I do like the Clearwings!
Learning the moths is fun. There are so many!
We watched a giant moth last night fly back and forth across the street. We were concerned it would get hit by a car as it was flying so low. Huge too!
It finally went into the cemetery.
I looked about this morning for her but never found her.
Her wing spread must have been 6-8 inches across. As big as a Bat I would say.
The Faeries would have a fun ride on the Snowberry. They are fast and pretty.
On moth wings,

Deb said...

I am fascinated with the clearwing
moth - so perfect & tiny & so much like the hummingbird.

Q said...

Dear Deb,
These moths are beautiful!
They are fascinating. I watch them whenever I see them for as long as they are feeding.
I end up with way too many photos!