Friday, July 06, 2007

Common Buckeye

The Common Buckeye
is uncommonly beautiful.
My husband likes the Buckeyes.
Me too.

I am glad they are back.


Tumblewords: said...

Artwork of the first order!

Q said...

Dear Tumblewords,
Mother Nature is good!
I was very pleased the Buckeye came yesterday. I was talking with my daughter on the phone when I saw him fly in. I told her I would call her back. I wanted to get some nice shots for her Dad.
He was pleased too. I shall do a print and frame. Maybe even a matt...
I was pleased with these shots.

Susan Gets Native said...

Nature sure knows what She is doing, eh?
Those "eyes" on Buckeye owl's eyes.

Q said...

Dear Susan,
I am always awed by Nature's designs and colors. Fantastic stuff right in the back yard.