Saturday, July 07, 2007


Slowly I am reclaiming the gardens.
I continue to plant seeds.

Every so often I will walk about and stretch my legs.
Once the sun comes to my work spot
I have to move.

The Snout is one of my new favorite butterflies.
He will land on my arm and get some salts.
He is a very close up and personal butterfly.
I feel as if I have crossed the species barrier.

The wasps do not bother me.


Mary C said...

Hi Sherry - just wanted to let you know that you have so inspired me to learn about butterflies - learn to ID them and dragon- and damselflies as well. Your first photo is beautiful, too -- so artistic with the feather laying so delicately on the flower.

Susan Gets Native said...

I love your pictures. And your words.
When a butterfly honors me by landing on me, I feel the species barrier melt away, too. But the wasps need to respect my personal bubble of space.

Q said...

Hi Mary C.,
Oh, I am so pleased you are learning the Butterflies and the Dragonflies! They are so pretty and they need our help! Many species are dying out due to loss of habitat! It is fun to take the photos and id. My life list is growing too now that I have the camera and can "see" later who the beauty is.
The feather on the zinnia was in the vegetable garden. There were a few flowers with these feathers on them. No idea how that happened, the wind did a bit of decorating I guess!
Mother Nature is the artist, I just take pictures of her work.

Q said...

Hi Susan gets native,
Thank you! I agree on wasps. I do not mind them as long as they do not think I am food!
I did find a rock for the Snout that has natural salts. I think it might get smacked if it landed on one of the neighbors.