Monday, July 02, 2007

Morning Songs

The Carolina Wren,
"Teakettle" at our house, came and sang his morning song.
Such a big song for such a tiny bird.
The female Cardinal sings a wee bit too.
The sun is shining this morning. I have my sweater on.
Lots of birds coming and going.
The butterflies will be out soon.


Anonymous said...

I have Carolina Wrens too. Except I don't refered them as "teakettle. I call them car alarm birds because to me, that what they sound like. Wonderful pictures, the wren by me like to stay out of the camera range.

Q said...

Dear Cathy,
Car alarms!!
They are loud!
I love them.
This Wren comes right up to me. I do think he would eat right out of the palm of my hand if I would allow it!
We are friends, the Carolina Wren and I.

Sprite said...


Is that a baby with the downy feathers? Ohhh and the female cardinal on your windharp, how sweet is that?


Love it!


Q said...

Dear Sprite,
Yes, it is baby! The Wrens had two broods this year. Four youngsters in all. They have been very fun to watch. The little ones sing too a bit!
The female Cardinal is my bird for 2007 and I try to take at least one picture of one of the females every day, we have three and lots of chicks!