Saturday, July 21, 2007

Monarch and a Hummingbird

I went around the east side of the house,
to move my sprinkler,
when the female Hummingbird flew in.

The Monarchs were feeding.

This flower was taken.

There are plenty of zinnias for everyone.


Mary said...

To the great, amazing Sherry:

You have done it. There is no better photo than "Hummingbird ove Zinnia"! Will you frame it?

All of your photo are stunning. I have had a very long day but I needed to get my "Sherry Fix".

I'll comment on the "butterfly in flight" tomorrow.

Sweet dreams,

Sprite said...


Oh my Goodness,

These are just beautiful! The two together are amazing photos.

The last one is delightful.

L~ sprite

Q said...

Dear Mary,
I can't take credit for the beauty, only for carrying a camera around when I water!
I have a few photos of Miss Hummingbird nectaring over zinnias!! (50-100??)
She likes them. I hope zinnias will go on your flower list too as they are excellent butterfly food and the Hummers like them lots! I have a shot of her over the Red Zinnias that is very nice.
Zinnias are easy to grow from seed and you can save seed from year to year so they are inexpensive. I think a garden of zinnias is extreamly lovely.
Sleep well and rest and we will dance with the butterflies when the sun shines.
Thank you, Mary, for your kind ways.

Q said...

Dear Sprite,
Thank you!
I get very little work done anymore. I seem to be distracted by the birds and bugs. I was very tickled by the Monarchs and the Hummingbird. The butterflies did not move an inch when she tried to push them off the zinnias!
I liked them together too.
Birds, bugs and blooms all at once!

Deb said...

Q ~ these photos are amazing! Hummingbird & Butterfly sharing a spot on the zinnia is so beautiful! I am happy you carry your camera with you when you water :-}

KGMom said...

Mary sent me here--who knew that hummingbirds like zinnias? I have lots of zinnias, but no hummingbirds.
I also love the photo of the parked butterfly with the hummingbird trying to butt in.

Q said...

Hi kgmom,
I am so glad Mary told you where to find me.
My Hummingbirds go to almost all of my flowers. They start off heavy at the feeders but after they begin nesting they start looking at the flowers for nectar and come to the feeders inbetween flowers. I think they also get bugs from the flowers. I think they feed the bugs to their little ones.
Taking photos of the hummers is one of my favorite activities every day!

Q said...

Dear Deb,
This was a fun series to photograph. I have learned to have the camera with me as I move about the yard.
Sometimes I will walk the yard and see what I can see. That is always fun!