Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Skippers Count

I am creating a butterfly habitat.
The April frost has given me the opportunity to plant differently.
I still will be organic and Heirloom.
I am adding in Native.

I have a list of all the different butterflies that are in my area.
My list has host plants and nectar plants.
As I redo a bed I am adding these plants.
Each morning I am Walking In Beauty.
Each day I am living the Art Full life.


Susan Gets Native said...

Native is good.
"If you plant it, they will come."

Q said...

Dear Susan,
I thought of you today when I was buying plants. I was in search of a Paw-paw tree and the helper looked in my cart and said, "Oh, I see you are going Native!"
I thought to my self, "Sherry gets Native!"
I actually grow many native plants already.
What died in the April frost was many non-natives!
Today after chores I am going to a all Native nursery. Hopefully there I will be able to get the plants I need.
I think I will slow down on the bird feeding and let the butterflies have a chance!

Deb said...

A butterfly habitat - how fantastic! With native and heirloom plants ~ I can just imagine the happiness and beautiful photographs)to follow:-}

Q said...

Dear Deb,
Doing a full scale butterfly habitat has given me the zest and zeal I needed. As I go bed by bed and create the enviroment I want I get so excited!
This is a planned planting rather than my normal plop and go way.
I want each growing spot to have four season interest, three season color, a herb, a vine and something for the butterflies and the birds. I also would like some people food growing too.
I am working on having a water feature in each bed too. This might take me a few years to accomplish but I am on my way.
Oh, I also am working on having comfortable spots for me to rest and enjoy the birds and butterflies.