Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Female Tiger Swallowtail

I looked out the backdoor
and saw my favorite Swallowtail.
I never grow weary of taking her picture.
I stood in the sun and watched her in the Red Zinnias.
I stopped taking pictures and sat down in grass.
I did not have my hat or my sunglasses.
I was hot but I did not care.
If I were a butterfly I would want to be like her.
Easy going and photogenic in any light.
She is comfortable around me.

She rested in the shade.
I finally had to go inside.

Full of care, my friend.


Mary said...

She IS very pretty! I wonder who else will visit you today? :o)

Q said...

Dear Mary,
I never know!
I am very pleased with variety I have seen this month.
The birds and the butterflies have been very fun.
I know I will miss the Hummers and the Orioles and the butterflies this winter.
I may need to go to a warm island come January so I can get my butterfly fix.
Doctor's orders......???