Friday, July 06, 2007


Nina, at Nature Remains, tagged me for a meme,
Eight Random Facts about me.

I like diversity.
I like the way the morning turns to afternoon and into evening.

My favorite color has been yellow for many years.
I find I am looking at blue now, the color of my eyes.

I like salt on my grapefruit and cloth napkins.
I sleep to the sound of a fan.
I am a vegetarian, a plant based person.

I am patient, slow and deliberate.
I like details.
I spent the first fifty years of my life accumulating items; I am spending the rest of my time here letting them go!
I once was an antique dealer.

I am to tag eight others and ask them if they would like to play. Some of my friends already have been tagged so I will tag only six.

Chris, at Somerset Gardens,
Deb, at Posted From Home
Naturegirl, at Nature Trail
Kate, at French Nest
Mari-Nanci, at Smilensigh
Pam, at Nature woman

There some guidelines....

Players start with Eight Random Facts/habits about themselves.

People who are tagged write their blog and their eight random facts.

At the end of the post, players choose eight people to be tagged and list their names.

Don't forget to leave a comment on each tagged blog telling them they have been tagged.

Have fun!


Mary said...

Dear Sherry,

We are alike! I sleep with a fan, also. One on the ceiling and one oscillating. I like white noise.

It was wonderful when you sang one of my favorite summertime songs to me,


Q said...

Dear Mary,
I bet we have many things in common! I find that people like me and you, who take of things; birds, dogs, people, plants, dust, laundry, grow tired! We get used up! I have a friend, an author, who sometimes reads to me. It is a blessing to hear her voice and her stories. For a little while I am being care for.
I thought it would be best for you not to hear my "real" voice as I realy cannot carry a tune, but to hear "Summertime" in your head, with your voice! I can care for you from afar!
I did not tag you as I saw you were tagged by others and being double tagged might be a problem!
Rest and Moon gaze and I will see you when Jupiter rises.

Naturegirl said...

I like that ~spent the first fifty accumulating and now letting them go!~ So true for many of us things just are NOT important are they!
I have done these memes and really
am not up to another I hope you don't mind.hugs NG

Saucy said...

You forgot to mention... you are very kind and generous!


Chrissie said...

Thank you, Sherry, for tagging me :-) I will think about it for a little while :-) Your own post is so elegant, honest and refreshing. I always feel calmer after I have visited :-)

Q said...

My Dear Naturegirl,
No worries and I do understand!
Sit this round out and have a Limeaide.
Items are not needed after a certain age! We have plenty of them. I do keep the family pieces for my children. I have a small home and I am tired of dusting!
I decorate each month because I have so many, many things!
It is a slow process, the letting go-finding good homes, but I am always so pleased when others find joy and can use the little treasures.
Hope rains come for you and refresh your beautiful gardens.

Q said...

Dear Saucy,
Thank you!

Q said...

Dear Chris,
A garden party game!
Just a fun quickie!
My daughter and I talked about this meme and she reminded me it is the little things we do that lets people get to know us.
We show the world our eye when we post our photos. We share our voice when write our words.
I always enjoy your eye and your voice!

smilnsigh said...

When I was little, my fav color was Yellow.

I'm not patient.

I do so love your "I spent the first fifty years of my life accumulating items; I am spending the rest of my time here letting them go!" Stuff! Begone stuff!! :-)

OH Oh, I'm tagged. Honestly, I don't usually do these tag things. But since it's you, how can I not?


Deb said...

Thankyou for the tag Q - I will post that today :-}
I've enjoyed reading through your list & learning about more about you. Thank you for sharing.

Q said...

Deae Deb,
This meme is fun. Fun to think about and fun to know a wee bit more about those we visit.
I am looking forward to your Eight Random Facts!

Q said...

Dear mari-Nanci,
Remember blogging and journals are to be fun! If memes aren't fun don't do them!!! This one was fun for me, it took me a minute to think about what I wanted to tell you about me.
I do mostly show and tell!
We are friends. How ever it works out for you is just fine.
I do think I have way too much stuff and slowly I am culling out.
Seems as if I have been doing this for many years too.

Sprite said...


Dearest Sherry,

I love this post, and wanted to tell you. I love the 'tag, you're it,' too.

What is that blue flower? That is the color of my WOW!

much love,

Q said...

Dearest Sprite,
The birds planted this blue flower. It was in bloom for a day. Such a bright beautiful color! Your WOW color that is grand!
Mine is white.
I never called it that but I understand!

Q said...

Dear Sprite,
I just learned the name of this pretty blue wildflower. It is called Asiatic Dayflower. It is in the Spiderwort family.
A very pretty little flower that blooms for one day.
Sherry, who loves being native

Sprite said...


Dear Sherry,

Oh, I am so attracted to this flower. I wonder what the properties are of it? I shall have to explore...

I know the blue is very relaxing. It is such a sweet little flower, though it seems to be very invasive from what I've just read.

I think I could handle that color of blue in my back yard.


Q said...

Dear Sprite,
as with all the wild flowers location of growing would make all difference on how invasive it is. I have not done very much research yet. Seeing as I had one tiny little piece and only one flower that one day I am not worried this year. I am considering it for my blue garden.