Sunday, July 29, 2007

Full Buck Moon Day

The Moon will be full tonight,
20th hour and 48 minute EDT.
It is cloudy at my house.
I may not see her.

The cockscomb is brilliant
on this cloudy day.

We had a brief shower overnight.
The winter squash has sprouted.
I do not need to water today.

Cloudy days are good days to photograph flowers.
My favorite mum is blooming.
It is not hardy here.
I wintered it over in the living room
last year.

The Moon flower vine is doing fine.
No buds yet
but there is still plenty time.


Naturegirl said...

That mum is so-o-o ~frilly~..
thank you for reminding me that there is a full moon...perhaps we'll see
~a cat~ on the moon...I think you know which I refer to! hugs NG

Q said...

Dear Naturegirl,
I just know there is a perfect and beautiful ~cat on~ the Moon. Tonight we shall call our full moon, "The Full Freddie Moon".
Tonight we honour Mr. Freddie. A very fine cat.
Even if I do not get to see our moon I will know she is there. I will know Freddie is watching over you.
May you know I am here.
Hugs and butterfly kisses,

Chrissie said...

Happy New Buck Moon, Sherry :-) Pics of the moon flower when she blooms please, I don't think I have ever seen one! Amazing butterfly pics, just brilliant!

Q said...

Dear Chris,
Thank you for Moon wishes. Still cloudy at my house so no Moon bath again tonight. If the moon flower blooms I will take photos. This is one of my son's plants that I adopted when he moved. From what I read they bloom at night and do self seed. It is a vine and I have it growing on the new bird bath.
The butterflies have been entertaining me all month! I am trying to decide which ones I will print and frame for August. The photo I took of the Buckeye for my Husband will stay up. Maybe I will do a female black Tiger Swallowtail. She is my favorite!