Sunday, July 08, 2007


I am effected by the weather.
I adjust my behavior
and my clothes.

The birds also are effected.
Their songs are few.
They seek water and shade.
Some find refreshment in other ways.
Like the flowers I wilt.
Cool down coming tomorrow night.


Q said...

Hi Joshua,
I am so happy you found me too!
I do agree, bloggers are a wonderful way to unite.
It is a world wide community and we find our niche and our neighbors.
I did visit you and will visit again.
Pictures do "talk" very well.

Naturegirl said...

Oh the heat is getting to us all here
too! I am watering twice daily now exhaustion has hit us all. Finding bumble bees with little energy so I hand carry them to cooler parts of the garden!!Can't ever remember picking up bees from the lawn by han!.Filling the bird bath constantly and yes having many wilted blossoms like yours.. :( Stay cool hugs today just a click of the lemonade glass..

NM High School Sports News said...

What is the bird on the hummingbird feeder or dripper? Great pics as usual. We had a young Robin in our yard on Friday. All is good.

Mary said...

Sherry, 100 degrees in the shade today - AGAIN. No rain in the forecast. I napped for two hours and I am refreshed. You can nap, too.

I just LOVE the woody on the nectar! When I enlarge your photos, I smile wide.

Atomic plants! HA HA HA HA!


Hugs to you,

Q said...

Dear Naturegirl,
Oh dear! When the bees are too hot to buzz it is hot! Too hot for too long for you! You are so kind to carry the bees to cooler spots! The bees love you for helping them out.
We are to get a rain storm tomorrow night and a cool down. I just do not do well when the temps sore.
Butterfly kisses and lemonaides work for me too.
Hydrate and stay as cool as you can. This heat wave will pass and the rains will come to you. Soon I hope!

Q said...

Dear abq-b-fly guy,
That little charming bird on the Hummingbird feeder is a male Downy Woodpecker. We have two pairs and a few youngsters about. They are so cute.
The robins have been successful here too. Both pairs have had their young and I think one pair is nesting again.
I will pop over and see if you were able to get a photo or two of your little ones.

Q said...

Dear Mary,
You have had such a hot, dry summer! Makes the spirit tired!
I could nap! I like napping. Once inside I seem to stand at the door and see all the birds and bugs and want to get back outside with them. I do not last long tho! I get over hot and need lots of water.
Glad you were able to rest and relax.
I never want the butterfly days to end but I do not do 90 degrees much less 100's! HOT!
I could sing right now...
"Hot town summer in the city...."

Chrissie said...

Oh, Q, your poor flowers! Poor you! Time to sit in the shade and watch :-) Great courgettes though :-)

Jayne said...

OH how funny that Donwy on the hummer feeder!! Great photo Sherry!

NM High School Sports News said...

A downy...I was pretty sure it was a woodpecker, but couldn't tell which. Very cool. Wish I would get a visitor like that. I need to get a good camera, I can't get the shots that others get with what I have. I will add it to the list of must purchase soon!

Q said...

Dear Chris,
I do not like to be hot! I try to sit in the shade but the Baltimore Orioles grape jelly is in my shade spot and they do not like me so close! Next year I will put their jellies in a different tree!
I have tried so many times to remember to call the zucchini, "courgettes" but always forget! I do like them!
Yours look yummy too.
Cool down coming soon so I am pleased about that.

Q said...

Dear Jayne,
If I do not get the Orioles nectar filled the Woodpeckers use the Hummingbird feeders!
It is funny!
Even a Downy is a bit big on the Hummingbird feeder!

Q said...

Dear Abq-b-fly guy,
The camera makes a huge difference!
I like mine and took to it last year when I finally bought it!
I do want a 750 lens and a filter for the 500.
On my list!

Deb said...

We have been having unseasonably hot weather as well - in the very high 90's ~ I can relate to your flowers :-}

Q said...

Dear Deb,
Oh my, that is hot for you!
July is normally in the 90's and humid here. I never like it!
You need rain too!
I saw lots of Canada was too hot and too dry!
Rains and cool down are badly needed. Wild fires are blazing in some parts of the US.
It has cooled down this afternoon, Monday, and we had a spit of rain. I hope to have more rain and more days, high in the 80's.
I do want the tomatoes to ripen and they need sunny!
I guess I have plenty do inside during the hot time of the day.
I could take Mary's suggestion and nap!