Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Male and Female

The male Common Whitetail Dragonfly

The female Common Whitetail Dragonfly

A male Tiger Swallowtail

I will move the sprinklers soon and look for the female.


Chrissie said...

Wonderful pics, Q :-)

Sheila said...

Great photo Sherry..!
I saw several different birds and bugs on vacation, but my camera isn't up to capturing them. Time for a new one.!

Mary said...

Dear Sherry,

I like the common whitetail. They're everywhere! Your photos are better than mine. Do you bribe them to sit still?

Silly Mary

Q said...

Dear Chris,
Thank you!
I am learning how to put the shade guard on and off quickly. It is rather large and stores right on the lens. Sometimes my bugs are in the sun and sometimes in the shade! I missed many yesterday as I am a bit slow still.
I shall stay on it. Looks like we have another super sunny day today.
Hope you have sunny days, you have had many cloudy ones.

Q said...

Dear Sheila,
Thank you!
I was wondering if you saw the Hummingbirds in Cuba?
They are gorgeous!!
I am working now trying to learn my filters and such before we leave on Holiday. After visiting our daughter we will be staying in British Columbia at a B&B that is located in a Bird Sanctuary. A butterfly conservatory is near by.
My concern is those birds and butterflies do not know me! In my backyard they are rather used to the lady with camrea!
Looking forward to seeing your trip photos.

Q said...

Dear Mary,
I do too. They are wonderful flyers!
I have two types of Dragonflies and one Damsel so far in the yard this year. The Whitetails are the largest.
Sweet talk...
My neighbors think I have flipped, "Sweet talking the bugs now. What will she do next?"

Sherry, who talks with the birds and the bugs

Anonymous said...

I love these guys including the Swallowtail! BRAVO

Q said...

Hi Mon@rch,
They are cool!
I would like to begin a full study of the Dragonflies and Damsels. There are so many different types.
I love the Swallowtails.