Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Normal for July

The Wind harp is silent.
There is no breeze.

A Jay may call out or a Mocking Bird may perch up.

The leaves on the trees protect her strings.

Come winter, when the north wind blows, she will sing again.

Today it is water the gardens want.
The music of the Wind harp will play another day.

It is hot and humid, typical July.


Deb said...

I love your Wind Harp. Thank you for the link Q - I will enjoy reading more about it :-}

Mary said...

I just submitted in inquiry for information on a wind harp! What a terrific idea. I love soothing sounds and I think it'll be wonderful around the pond.

Thanks, Sherry!

Q said...

Dear Deb,
You are welcome.
I posted some wind harp photos last year I think too.
The wind harps are very lovely.

Q said...

Dear Mary,
Say "Hi" to Ross for me! He is a very talented artist and a nice person.
You will love the music of the wind harp. It does need to be tuned every so often.
Let me know what you decide on.

Sprite said...


I remember the Wind Harp photographs from early on, on corner. Nice to see it again, and with birds perched on it.

I love her sounds and hope that you will get a recording to share this year. That would be lovely.

Much love and beautiful Wind Harp sounds~


Q said...

Dear Sprite,
It will be Winter before I record her. I need a good North wind!
I do enjoy her music.
Becky had asked about the wind harp and since it had been awhile since I posted about them I thought it was time to another post.
Sherry, who hears the Music of the Spheres