Wednesday, July 11, 2007


when the season has been just right;
not too wet not too dry,
not too hot not too cold,
and clouds are wispy,
I spot a treasure in the garden.

Today we celebrate.
Today the first tomato is ripe.


Mary said...

And I can't wait to put my mouth around a homegrown. It will be soon here!

Q said...

Dear Mary,
We LOVE our tomatoes too!
Every year my husband and I choose the date we think the first one will be ripe. He was the winner this year!
We shared our tomato at supper. we both were in taste heaven.
Fresh from the vine is the best it can get!
I planted ten plants so I hope I have plenty to put up. I use them all winter. I make tomato soup and sauces...
Tomato sandwiches are our favorites.

Anonymous said...

just looked at my first ripening roma tomato..looks good..will be served soon:-))
Later this year we can buy Ontario field tomatos, the best in the world I believe.

Q said...

Hrllo Gisela,
So happy you left a comment.
Thank you.
I can come to your journal now. I enjoy the way the neighborhood has new roads like that!
I am growing Romas in a large deck pot this year. I had three ripen but they had blossom rot so they were not edible. I guess I over watered! I can over care for a plant.
I hope to visit you soon!
It is tomato time!

Tumblewords: said...

Fresh tomatoes are the very best - mine are still small and green and I'm already tempted to pluck 'em. :)

Chrissie said...

The first tomato always tasted so good. A tomato sandwich sound wonderful! Enjoy :-)

Deb said...

How delicious - fresh tomatoes from the garden. When I was expecting Kate I craved (and had) a toasted tomato sandwich for lunch each day - I told her that's why she has red hair :-}

Q said...

Hi Sue from Tumblewords,
When the tomatoes ripen the work of the vegetable garden is forgotten!
I do think I shall have tomatoes now until frost. At first it is one than four than eight than sixteen! I never mind a big harvest as I use them all winter long.
Last year my Aunt, who is 85 years old, told me how my Grandmother would take the green tomatoes, before the first frost, and place them in a large glass jar with a lid and a sliced apple. A few times a day she would open the jar so fresh air could get in. In a few days the tomatoes would ripen as if they were on the vine. I tried this last year and it worked wonderfully. I have two large glass jars that I am storing dried herbs in right now but come October I will clean those up so the green tomatoes can go in.
Yours will ripen soon.

Q said...

Dear Chris,
Are you growing tomatoes? I did not put pepper plants out this year since the bunnies always eat them.
Tomatoes are yummy! The first is a huge treat at our house.

Q said...

Dear Deb,
LOL! I like the tomato sandwich toasted too with lettuce and sometimes a sweet onion.
We do very little cheese but it is good with cheese.