Thursday, July 26, 2007


After I feed the birds and filled all the bird baths
I went shopping.

I am planning a holiday for my husband and I.
We will visit our daughter and
son-not-in-law for a few days in Portland, Oregon.
Than off on a road trip to see the Northwest.
We will land in Victoria, British Columbia,
for a week at a bed and breakfast.
It is located in a bird sanctuary.
A butterfly conservatory is near by.
This is our 35th Wedding Anniversary trip.

I bought a silk dress and a shawl and
a few other travel clothes.
I have a color scheme I am working with.
My trip clothes and accessories
are in browns and blues.
I always have a pair of black slacks!

My books have all arrived.
I will begin reading now so hopefully I will be able to identify the different, to me, birds
and butterflies.
My travel journal is filling up with dates and reservations.
We will leave in three weeks.
I still need shoes.


C. hailey R said...

Your place is an escape from my agony of my mother's family issue.
Thank you Sherry.
Enjoy a good vocation with the family.

Q said...

Dear Cadence,
Sometimes we all need a break from family stress. So happy Corner is a pleasant place for you to come and relax.
Years ago when I needed a break I would go to the bathroom. Sometimes when family would become rather insistant I would feel the need for a long bathroom break. I had all sorts of reading material in the bathroom. Amazing how many books I read one year! I simply did not participate in crazy chat.
There is a condition known as irritable bowel, I think my family thought I had it.
Once I removed myself from the fray the situation seemed to go away.
Stay calm, this too shall pass.
Thank you for vacation wishes.
I do hope we have fun. My husband needs a break from work.

Sprite said...



I am so excited for you. You are so well prepared for your trip.

I just know it will be full of adventure, and fun. I'm sure it will be magical as you spot different birds from the midwest.

I cannot wait to see photos of your splendid journey.

Much love,

Chrissie said...

Dear Q, I can feel your excitement :-) have a wonderful time! I will expect lots of amazing pics so make sure you have plenty of battery power on your list of essentials to keep your camera going :-)

Q said...

Dear Sprite,
I am working on having all the creature comforts I like while gone from my home! Plus I do not like to over pack. Easy, comfortable, beautiful and still natural organic fibers and free trade are what I need in clothing.
Yesterday I found so many lovely things! I will not need clothes for along time!
I hope to post my vacations on my new journal, Q on Holiday.
I am posting my preparations there as well.
I have a wee bit more shopping to do. Plus I want to make reservations for anniversary dinner. I might need to have my hair done that day as well.
Keep me in your blessings,

Q said...

Dear Chris,
I have two batteries but I think I will get another. My oldest battery does not keep a charge vey long any more.
I hope the B&B has wireless internet so I can post from my husband's laptop!
I still have a few weeks to shop and plan and gather.
I think planning a trip is fun.
I do have a photo album for print pics and always there are discs.
Slide shows are fun to do.
I will post on Q on Holiday.
I am excited!

Deb said...

Wishing you a wonderful holiday ~ I am excited just anticipating all the wonderful photos that will follow :-}
You will love Victoria! Congratulations on your 35th Anniversary.

Mary C said...

Sherry, congrats on your 35th. You'll love Victoria. It's a great place to just walk around and take in all the scenery (including people in the park). Two of the neatest things I remember about Victoria was that all the merchants stop and do tea at 4 pm and the best thing I enjoyed were all the beautiful hanging baskets all over on every lamp post. And don't forget to visit the butterfly garden. Enjoy your trip, and then share some photos with us.

Mary said...

Oooooo. Sherry, you make me giggle with delight! You are a neat lady and could not sleep if everything was out of order. Correct? Your planning is top-notch and I'm glad to know you are taking care of "Sherry things" - hat, sunglasses, books, and SHOES!

LOL! I am wishing you a vacation of Sherry-filled special moments.

Q said...

Dear Deb,
I am very excited about this adventure. I have cute clothes too!
We have 19 days so it should be very relaxed and fun.
I do hope I am able to get some good photos. These birds and butterflies will not know me! I will enjoy seeing my daughter. I miss her.
I will post something as I go here and there.
Thank you for your wishes.
35 and looking towards our 40th. I have an idea for that trip. LOL.

Q said...

Dear Mary C,
I hope we have fun! I did the last reservations today. I wanted to have a nice supper so I found, what I think, will be a perfect spot for us. We do afternoon tea too! While we were in Bermuda we had afternoon tea every day. we loved it.
I like the B&Bs no "in search of breakfast".
I have heard the flowers are incredible...hope they have all sorts of great bugs on them.
I still have a couple of weeks to finish my shopping.
We are staying right next to the butterfly garden. I hope to walk in it at least once a day. Maybe the butterflies will get to know me.
The B&B has bicycles for us and boats and tripods and internet!
The road trip should be fun too!

Q said...

Dear Mary,
Thank you! I am pretty good at making sure my creature comforts are met! I am not a "go camping" sort of traveler. It might be fun but all the equipment I would need would wear my husband out. LOL.
He is so kind to tote my stuff.
My anniversary dress is so beautiful! I wish I could think of a way of taking a photo to share. I need a dress form.
I do try and stay organized. Seems as if I am constantly putting things away. Trips like this one are some what involved so they require planning. I do like to have room for some serendipity.
Thank you for your kind wishes. Trips are always full of magic for me.