Friday, May 18, 2007

A Few New Blooms

The Lavender is beginning to show color.
It was nipped so I will not have the show I have had in the past.
I will have some for syrups and teas.
The Painted Daisies are also in bloom.

Again, I only have a few.

A few strawberries are beginning to ripen.
I wonder who will get them?


Saucy said...

We won't have any strawberries until July at least. I think there may be a small patch of them in my new backyard. Here's hoping! xoxoxo

smilnsigh said...

Ohhh those Painted Daisies!!

And as to who will get the strawberries? Mmm, I bet on the birds. >,-)


The French Nest said...

Beautiful flowers, Q!

We planted strawberries last year and they turned out very well. There is nothing better during the summer than a strawberry shortcake, that's for sure!

Sheila said...

We both know who will get the berries..!!

Q said...

Hi Saucy,
So good to "see" you! I do enjoy the strawberries from the backyard. I also hope you have some already growing. With in a few years you will have your new gardens brimming with berries and flowers. Maybe a Hummingbird garden would be fun?!
Happy New Home!

Q said...

Hi Mari-Nanci,
The Painted Daisies are dependable!
I like daisies of all sorts.
I too have a hunch the birds will get the berries.

Q said...

Hi French Nest,
Thanks. I like flowers and do not feel as If I have very many right now. I am being careful not to cut for the house. I do spend almost all of my daylight hours outside anyway.
I need some flowers on my desk, night table and the kitchen table. I don't need huge bouquets just one at each spot keeps me in fine spirits.
When my children were young I had a huge strawberry patch. From the first of June until middle of July I would pick 100 plus berries every morning. The kids would have strawberries for breakfast and we had strawberry shortcake for dessert most nights.
The gardens do change over time and those plants finally gave out.
I am growing an Heirloom variety now. They flower and set berries all season long.

Q said...

Hi Sheila,
Yes, we know...
I think if I want one or two berries I will need to pick before fully ripe. My husband's concern is that I will buy berries for the birds if we do not have enough!