Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Hummingbird Lessons

She brings tireless joy.

She is of the daytime.
Today I listen to her wings.
I watch as her wings move in a figure eight.
Today I embrace the daytime.


PAT said...

The Hummingbirds have returned to the lake. They are amazing to watch!

Back Porch Musings

Deb said...

The hummingbirds have returned to our garden :-} I can only hope to get a photo as wonderful as yours.

Q said...

Hi Pat,
I remember all the hummers at the lake. It was fun to sit on the deck of the lake house and watch them. There so many!
Glad you are also enjoying them.
Incredible birds.

Q said...

Hi Deb,
I am sure you will get amazing photos too. They are wonderful birds. I sit quietly in the steamer chair and they come right close. I read the Hummingbirds are fearless and will go after Eagles!
I will be checking your journal for Hummingbird photos.

Mary said...

Sherry, these are the best hummer photos I've seen. I'm envious!

Q said...

Dear Mary,
Thank you.
Last year I took some nice pictures with female Hummingbird and sunflowers and when she visited the red zinnias. I have planted both but it will be a month at least before we have blooms.
I think a Hummingbird a day keeps the blues away!