Sunday, May 06, 2007

It's Raining, it's pouring...

The Mockingbirds are busy
chasing Grackles and Blue Jays.

Baby House Sparrow did the rain gauge shot today,

as did the female Northern Cardinal.

The squirrel tried to make up for getting into the bird seed feeder!

I have been so pleased at how well the regular birds have been with all the Grosbeaks.
They make room at the feeders.
The Orioles stay pretty much in the Ash tree where the Oriole feeders are.
They only come to the deck when they need more grape jelly.
I am being trained rather quickly.


Mary said...

Good for the rain! And good for those mockingbirds!

Q said...

Hi MAry,
We have plenty of rain!
It would be nice if Mother Nature could space it out a bit, come July we will want rain!
The Mockingbirds have really done a great job! I see dried cherries coming home for these two. The Robins also have joined in and today I watched a female Cardinal help the Mockingbird chase a Starling. Birds working together for the common good.
They are not mean to the Starlings. They let one or two have a bite to eat than that's it. My Backyard birds are not greedy. I like them very much.