Thursday, May 31, 2007


in a blue Flower Moon,
When May is closing her eyes,

When the earth has been refreshed
the Faeries will dance at dawn.
Happy Full "Blue Flower" Moon Day.
She will hover below Jupiter tonight when she is full
20th hour, 4th minute CDT.


smilnsigh said...

What a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful entry.

Once again..

Over and over again...

You post another beautiful entry.


Q said...

Dear Mari-Nanci,
Thank you!
I am working in my office today; packing up my May things and cleaning and putting out the June things.
I pop outside every few minutes.
So glad you you enjoy my essays. I love doing them. I love sharing with you.
I was so excited to get up this morning! Last night late, my husband and I walked. The rain had stopped and the trees were dripping with rain drops. It was so beautiful! I thought dawn would be incredible and it was!
Happy Blue Moon,

Dorothy said...

Popping over for a visit from Mary's place. Hi - I'm Dorothy from Wood's View.

Your area where you blog is lovely.
and your blog is lovely too! I'll definitely be back.

Q said...

Hi Dorothy,
So glad to meet you. I shall come visit you.
Thank you, I am a tidy person by nature!

Mary said...



Q said...

Dear Mary,
If I could I would send you rain drops.
If I could I would send you rain
If I could, I would...

Naturegirl said...

I have never heard of such a day!Interesting I was going to post a ~blue flower today~ but changed at last minute to lavender lilacs!
I am feeling blue today.
Happy full ~blue flower moon day~
to YOU! hugs NG

Q said...

Dear Naturegirl,
The Blue Moon is when a second full moon is in a month. I called this moon the "Blue Flower Moon" after the May Full Moon name, "Full Flower"!
Wonderful you knew intuitivly.
Blue flowers on Blue Moon!
I do not have any blue flowers, will have to get some.

PAT said...


Love the Poppy, too!

Back Porch Musings

Sheila said...

Another beautiful post Sherry..!
I observed the 'blue' moon last night. In our area it was actually a peachy pink, covered with wisps of bruise coloured clouds. The atmosphere contributing to the delightful colour no doubt..

Q said...

Dear Sheila,
Your Moon time last night sounds so lovely. I can imagine how pretty a pink moon would be, with the wispy clouds...
I was able to spend some time with the moon too. My husband and I had a short but heavenly moon bath!
I find following the Moon phases interesting and magical.

Q said...

Dear Pat,
I do enjoy the Poppies. I harvest the seeds for when I make poppy seed bread and muffins. I posted last year on how I use all the fruits of the garden!
I enjoy growing for color and use.
Hope your rains were gentle and refreshing.