Saturday, July 28, 2007


A Tiger Swallowtail
with a Rose of Sharon.
A pair of Eastern Tailed-blues mating.
A Buckeye in the sedium.
A Fiery Skipper in the pink Butterfly Bush.
When I went to get bird seed the store had Butterfly Bushes, Buddleia, 50% off.
I bought two, Pink Delight. They are sitting on the deck. We will plant them later.
The butterflies and the Clearwings already have found them.


Anonymous said...

Oh, they are so beautiful. I have trouble shopping in two places. The home and garden joint and the pet store. That was a great deal on those bushes!

Q said...

Dear Butterfly girl,
Some people call these hot July into August days, "The dog days of summer". I know them as butterfly days! I do enjoy all the butterflies from the tiny Tailed-blues to the giant Swallowtails.
I was pleased to find the butterfly bushes half price. I wanted two more and the price was right! I have put ten spice bushes on hold until the first week of September. I am beginning a hedge. I also will be planting many more Paw-paw bushes for the Zebra Swallowtails.
Birds and butterflies are a delight.

Anonymous said...

More plants!!! The rate you're going, you're going to have to tear down your house make room for future plants ;)

Q said...

Dear Cathy,
LOL!! I wouldn't mind one bit!
As it is I still can see some lawn out there. We planted the two Butterfly Bushes and it looks like we could get some rain!! That would be wonderful. I lost over 400 plants in April so I gave a ways to go before I have replaced everything. I am doing native bushes now. The Butterfly Bushes went where a couple of tea rose bushes were. The Spice Bush hedge will go where the Heathers were. I still have ten that made it, 23 died. I lost a dozen miniature rose bushes and the ten heathers can grow where they were. Lots of replanting and new gardens.
It will take me a few years to get my gardens in shape. Going native should help with the climate changes. Also my work will be cut in half and lots more nesting for the birds, host and nectar plants for the butterflies.
Going native is good for everyone.

C. hailey R said...

Amazing Butterflies! I think is because the beauty in your garden,that's why they came by to smell it's fragrance!

Sprite said...


Beautiful Butterflies and Beautiful Flowers! I just know there is a party going on in your yard!

They say when one door closes another one opens. Perhaps it was meant for you to go to the Butterflies all along! You've gone beyond 'Native' girlfriend, you’ve past the boundaries of other realms with the beauty that you consistently create and capture with your photographic art form.

There is magic everywhere around, and anywhere you touch.

You have touched so many, in such wonderful ways, dear Sherry.

Sparkling Butterfly Kisses, and Singing Colorful Flowers Unite!



Mary said...

That Buckeye is SO BEAUTIFUL. I'm glad you found a sale. You'll have more butterflies now. Eye Candy!

You commented on my post that I said "It's Friday night and I sip wine." I remembered commenting those words but I couldn't remember on whose blog! LOL

Q said...

Dear Cadence,
I think they come for the food too!Although I like to think they come to see me!

Q said...

My Dear Sprite,
Wow! You are kind!
Thank you.
I always think it is Mother that does the beauty and I am just fortunate to be able to snap a photo.
Everyday, if I look, I will see her beauty.
I have always been smitten by the butterflies. Now that I am redoing everything I have the opportunity to create the butterfly gardens I have wanted. The butterfly book I found at Powell Gardens gave me the information I needed for host and nectar plants. As I do more research I am learning what to plant for even more of the butterflies in my area. Very fun.
Thank you.
You always see me!

Q said...

Dear Mary,
The Buckeye is amazing!
I read your comment and was so tickled! I just had to let you know. I don't recall whoes blog it was but I am still laughing...
You lift spirits where ever go.

Deb said...

The butterflies will thank you for planting more bushes :-}

Q said...

Hi Deb,
I hope all sorts of beautiful butterflies come and nectar!
The butterfly bushes should be fine food for them from the middle of July until October! I planted the two new ones near the first one I planted last year. These are around my deck so I should be able to see the butterflies when they come to feed. I like to take my photos from my deck chair.