Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Evening of the 4th

The winds shifted and the clouds blew in,
thunder and lightening filled the skies for three hours.
The temperatures dropped twenty degrees.
Mother Nature had a sky show.
A half inch of rain; the rooftops were wet.

The skies cleared,
red, white and blue.
Lots of public fireworks displays but my favorites are the ones the Dads do from the driveways and in the streets.
Three different families down our dead end street had their fireworks show.
The smoke floated up the street and hung at the street lamp on my corner.

I am glad to have had Mother's show.
I am glad the roofs were wet.
All are safe.

I chopped fresh zucchini and mixed it into the potato salad.
Our son came and watched the sun set and the fireworks.
We ate potato salad with a nice cashew garnish.

A simple Fourth of July.


Sheila said...

It sounds perfect. Even Nature provided 'fireworks' and celebrated with you.

Mary said...

Perfect celebration. Safe and beautiful. Having your son and potato salad was a bonus :o)

smilnsigh said...

Beautiful kinds of fireworks.

And potato salad with cashew garnish. Oh that sounds delicious!!!


Chrissie said...

Wow, love the cloud pic, Q. So pleased you had a great time, happy belated 4th July :-)

Q said...

Dear Sheila,
When the storm blew in I was very pleased!
It was too hot, 94F-34C, and the humidity was terrible. I couldn't be outside for very long.
I would love to get some lighting photos but I need a rain guard and an open area and a good storm! Plus I am not sure it would be very safe for me. I will figure something out one of these days.

Q said...

Dear Mary,
It is an hours drive for my son to come visit. He is packing things up and had a few things for our basement and a couple more rock adoptions. When he found out I was home alone with the potato salad he came up for a few hours. It was nice to share the evening with him.

Q said...

Dear Mari-Nanci,
The family celebrations are always so sweet. I like listening to the parents give forth the warnings!
I do miss the sparklers from when I was young. My kids had them too.
I have a few left I use for decorating.
We are vegetarians so protein is always on my mind. When in doubt, I throw a few cashews on top or in the stir fry.

Q said...

Dear Chris,
Thank you!
In theory the Declaration of Independance is good. I so wish the practice was as noble.
Freedom is a grand idea to think about. Perhaps someday.

Mary said...

Our 4th was one of family as well. Unfortunately my parents couldn't visit since my mother was set for her heart valve replacement on the 5th and my middle daughter caught a cold from her boyfriend - not something we wanted to risk. I made up a couple of plates and we headed off for a quick visit and food drop-off though. :-) Our visit was obviously tinged with anxiety because of the surgery, but overall it was lovely.

My oldest daughter stopped by with her dear friend Bob who brought a few fireworks for the littlest girl (now 10) in the house. What a pleasure it was seeing how thrilled our youngest was with the thoughtfulness of Bob and her sisters.

All in all a satisfying holiday, made even more so in reflection now that the surgery is behind us.

Q said...

Dear Mary,
How very kind of Bob to think of your youngest. You have been under lots od stress! I have been thinking of you and your family, sending blessings and well wishes.
Glad your Mom did okay.
Hope you get a break soon and can relax a bit. I remember those times of stress.
Take good care of yourself.