Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Oh my!

Oh, baby bunny, not the flowers!

The butterflies need them.

Oh, I thought it was a weed.

The wildlife just has their way with me.


Mary said...

That's what makes them so interesting. We are always intrigued, right? There is never a dull moment in the garden.

Anonymous said...

I think I should let you know that I read your blog often although I don't leave too many comments often. What I like best about yours is the kind of haiku feel to your comments. And I usually hate poetry but with the pictures it's really great. So thanks for your efforts

Sheila said...

Baby bunnies are always hungry..they eat lots so they can grow up to be big bunnies. Then they make more baby bunnies..LOL
We have had less bunny visits since the gulls decided they liked cherries. I prefer the bunnies..

Deb said...

Our neighbours are grumbling about the bunnies eating their flowers
:-}We are just thankful to have nature visiting our gardens. Like you, the wildlife just has their way with us :-}

Tumblewords: said...

An extremely clever post! The story is so fine! Thanks...

Sheila said...

Hi Sherry, I came back to tell you that while I was waiting for supper to finish cooking this evening, I was on the back deck.
A baby bunny appeared and headed for a patch of bare sandy earth.
I think it must have been warm from the sun.
He stretched out on it, full length, and began to give himself a dirt bath. It was so funny. It lasted about five minutes. He then sat up and proceeded to wash his whiskers, before hopping off to cannabalize my flowers..!!
I knew if I moved to get my camera he would be gone..

Q said...

Dear Mary,
Never dull!~
Nature is interesting!
I wonder why the bunnies are eating the flowers, they have so much lettuce left half eaten!

Q said...

Dear Susie,
I am glad you like the photo essays. I do write in a "Haiku" style...short and to the point.
On my other blogs I will sometimes write a longer piece.
You are so welcome. I find Corner to be a happy, peaceful sort of place.
We do have mishaps but they work out.

Q said...

Dear Sheila,
LOL, the Gulls have taken over in your area! I do not have a Cherry tree but I would love to grow one. I am about out of space!
Bunnies do make more bunnies!!
I have way too many bunnies this year, I am up to 8 in my little yard!
What a fun Bunny story!
I have watched them too take dirt baths. Lately it has been a wee bit more like a mud bath.
I just hear them thinking as they gobble up my flowers, "Hummm, tasty!" Our bunnies have no fear at all! I could reach down and pick one up easily. I have to watch where I step in the grass since they are so small and do not seem to mind me walking around.
Bunnies, birds, bugs, some blooms,
life is good.

Q said...

Dear Deb,
We are "stewards" I keep reminding myself. I will plant more seed. Maybe I will have flowers in October, just in time for the first frosts.

Q said...

Dear Tumblewords,
Thank you.
It is just the way it is!
I don't mind. I sit on the deck or in my rocking chair and enjoy.

Susan Gets Native said...

I'm with you...
Nature walks all over us, too. But thankfully, we have lots of broadleaf plantain that the bunnies love. They haven't discovered the "prairie experiment" yet.

Q said...

Hi susan,
I also have broadleaf plantain and the bunnies leave it alone. They seem to like the lettuce and the tiny seedlings! I had never seem them eating a full bloomed flower before! We have too many bunnies....more are coming too as I saw the adults romping in the clovers!