Saturday, August 05, 2006

Adding "Native" to the Gardens

We went to the Prairie and Wetland Center this afternoon.
Their open air nursery is a butterfly haven.

We bought seven plants to begin our Native Rain Garden.
We have a plan. We shall begin a ditch nectar garden. The butterflies and Hummingbirds will love it. We can add plants easily from this close to home source. We are starting with drought and heat tolerant, native to our area, prairie wild flowers. We will add grasses this Autumn.

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Q said...

Hi, Dear Sprite,
Thank you for asking what a native rain garden is! I am excited about this new area we are developing. A Rain Garden is planting plants in the area of your yard where the rain water runs off your roof or out from your gutters.
In our case we have two of our gutters connected to an under the ground drainage system. These daylight in our front and back ditches. The other two gutters go into rain barrels.
Our rain garden is to help keep the rain water from going into the water shed. The plants help soak up water so there is not as much run off. With so much development our city's drain system is over taxed. Rain gardens help with water control.
We are planting Native plants. Plants that grow in the "wild" in our area. They are used to heavy Spring and Fall rains and hot and dry summers. All the plants we are growing will provide food for birds and bugs and some even for Humans. I hope to be able to do this area so that I will not need to "weed". Since it is so very dry we planted our new plants in the regular garden areas and will till and remove ditch sod in the Fall. All the plants I bought will easily transplant. I am working up a list of plants I want to grow. Lots of "bee balm" and cone flowers and thistles. If I can I would like to make the front and back ditches into Rain Gardens. I expect the front will be more tame looking using native grasses.