Friday, August 18, 2006

Butterflies like the Cherries!

I was so pleased to see the Common Buckeyes found the cherries. I read butterflies like over ripe fruit.
The Buckeyes are smaller than the Monarks and the Swallowtails.
I am growing a gourd inside of a stand. This could look very nice in October.
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Q said...

Hi Sprite,
The Buckeyes are charming!
In October I decorate with pumpkins and gourds. Last year I did a gourd vine inside that lasted two weeks without water! Will see what I can come up with this year. I truely love October decorating! The stand is all thorny looking too so should go ever so nicely with my "Haunted Forest" theme. Once September comes October is just around the corner! I start decorating for October in the middle of September as it takes me about 10 days to do every thing up. I do gardens too.
Oh, it will be so much fun.