Sunday, August 20, 2006


Keeping my mind on my work is difficult. I am allowing the dreaded Milk Weed to flourish. I have created an arch with it so at least it looks cultivated. Many butterflies enjoy it.

One of the Summer Heathers is blooming. I did not expect to see blooms until next year.
Back to weeding and snipping and playing with the bugs.


Anonymous said...

Dearest Q,

The heather is really pretty, so glad that it bloomed for this year. Your pics are outstanding and bring me must pleasure thank you for sharing. A devoted reader, Me.

Q said...

Hi Me,
As you can tell I am very pleased with the heathers. I shall learn how to harvest and make heather things next year. For now I am just happy to see a bloom.
Life is full and busy around here. Always plants and birds to care for the bugs seem to take care of themselves just fine.
I am happy the photos bring you pleasure. I have lots of fun taking them.
Soon I will be in Fall mode. I love Autumn. I have been watching the berries turn to red on the Dogwoods.