Tuesday, August 29, 2006


He was a tree man. He wanted us to have the Crab tree. He picked it out and showed us where to plant. This past spring it was full of blooms. During the extended heat it dropped it's leaves. The berries began turning early. The berries held the rain drops through the weekend. As he was passing the droplets shimmered in the evening light. We will care for his tree. He will be remembered. He will be missed. He was a tree man.

August decoration are packed up. I have begun decorating for September. At first I struggled. I just could not get that "Wow" I always work for. I ended up letting go of items I just did not love. I have two boxes for donation. I am creating now. The strawflowers and dried Aspen leaves are this year's potpourri. I will add Crab Tree berries on Thursday. I used Peppercorn oil for scent. Our daughter and our son-not-in law are moving today from Colorado to Oregon. I will find out what their new state tree is. I will dry some leaves. It can go in the new potpourri.
Lots of the dried wheat went into the vases. I still have plenty to do a wheat weaving later in the month.
It is time for squashes and apples and pears.
Small black boards are bases in honor of back to school. One of my seed boxes took center stage. My daughter gave it to me. It is special.
September is coming along. I have scheduled a week to get it beautiful!
I am having fun creating the table top and counter top scapes. I am remembering those who have gone before me. I am remembering their kindnesses.

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