Friday, August 18, 2006

I can not get anything done!

I am so pleased she has flower nectar.
Next year the entire deck area will be in zinnias.
The Swallowtail has wing damage.

I took over 200 photos today! Every day I make my husband a slide show so he can see my photos. He may need a snack for today's show.


Anonymous said...

Dear Sherry,

The pics are truly wonderful. You are doing just what you are suppose to do, take these marvelous pics of nature, thank you so much for sharing of your time and skill.

Love ya,


Q said...

Hi Me,
So happy you came by.
I just love the birds and bugs so very much! I still love the flowers, yet I am so smitten by the flowers with the birds and the bugs.
I take lots of photos. Come this winter I hope to make my greeting cards. I am framing some for decorating.
I would love to share even more of them but space is limited!
Glad you are enjoying them.

Q said...

Oh My, well, yes I am ever so delighted!!!

It is fine that I get so little done. I will get to the cleaning up and seeding.

I get carried away so easily on the winged creature's wings. I can lay in the grass and play with the clouds or watch the birds fly over and forget what I was doing. "Be the Bee" is easy for me.

Today I was serious about getting the scented geraniums groomed. Their scent kept me working. I love to be with all the sweet smells.

Having the deck cleaned up is nice. I am getting ready for pots of mums. Soon I will begin the long process of cleaning plants for the inside.

Next on my list of "to do" is to groom the moon garden. The dragonflies are ready to lay eggs and the back pond is filled with plants. No place for them to land!

Having Corner and friends to share the gardens with is one of the joys of life.
Thank you for stopping by.
Thank you for your encouragement.