Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Sunflower New Moon

The second bloom on the Sunflowers reminds me to keep my face towards the light. The clusters remind me I am never alone.
The Sunflower represents happiness. I am happy.
I have a dream of painting a sunflower. I see my painting in my minds eye. My background is ready. This is my first attempt at painting.
The birds planted Morning Glories in the German Pink tomatoes. They are lovely.
After I clean the house and groom one flower bed I shall sit with my bouquet of sunflowers. I will look at all the photos I have printed and framed of the sunflowers that have graced the backyard. I shall paint. I shall celebrate the balance of male and female. I shall celebrate the New Sunflower Moon.


Anonymous said...

Hi "Q",

I'm so excited for you, taking the big step paint to brush,brush to canvas,and what a nice background to support your pretty sunflowers.

You Go Girl!!!!!!!

Love ya, Me

Q said...

Hi Sprite,
Always fun for me when you come by.
Those birds are good. I never plant blue flowers so I guess they thought I needed a bit of blue. I was rathered "wowed" this morning when I saw the blooms. The flower only lasts one day. Usually the bloom is closing by mid-afternoon.

I shall take photos of my painting so you can see my progress. It is very fun. I am painting by intuition. I have never taken any training. It is a process of letting go. The sunflowers are my teachers.

I shall paint every day until my painting is finished. It could be a New Moon to New Moon sort of adventure.


Q said...

Hi Me!
I enjoy you so much. Thank you for commenting.
This painting has been on my mind for over a month now. I found the table top easel and small canvases at Hobby Lobby on sale. The paint I bought months ago very inexpensive. I only have a few dollars invested. I am taking the leap of faith that my painting will be pretty. The idea for the background came from a photo I took of one of the sunflowers. The sky was extra blue that day and the green of the stand of sunflowers so very green I thought it would be a good way to begin my painting.
If I take to the brush and canvas I shall want a painters smock. Today I wore an old work shirt of my husbands. It was fine but I have this vision of a nice black smock, no collar and rather gathered at the shoulders. I also think I would like a wood palette. My plastic one is fine, easy to clean up. Yet not as charming as a wood one. Humm....
Could be a "please to have" soon.
Thank you for your encouragement.