Thursday, August 24, 2006

Petal by Petal

She is coming along. I have a few more petals to put in and some leaves and the shading. Today I put the sunflower pollen I have been saving on the center of my darling. I am having lots of fun. I think I am taking to this painting idea. I will be wanting my smock.
I wanted to see sunlight through the sunflowers and I saw this incredible blue wing creature. My husband thought it could be a black wasp.
My Buckeye fix for today. All I really want to do is take pretty pictures.


Anonymous said...

Dear "Q",

Your a natural, the painting is becoming a thing of beauty.

Please keep the update pics coming, it is really going to be pretty, so glad you are enjoying the process.

Love ya,


Q said...

Thank you Me,
I am only painting a little while each day. I want to work on my painting. This is my first attempt and I do want it to turn out nice. Lots of drying time.
If I take to painting I shall be moving my sewing machine downstairs and setting up a spot to paint in my office.
I am thinking it will be a nice way to keep my summer time friends near during the cold winter months.
I shall keep you posted....