Thursday, August 03, 2006

Being Observant

In Yoga class we learn to observe our bodies and our surroundings so we can take our pose deeper. I find I am becoming very observant of all that is around me. I am listening with my heart. The natural world is teaching me.
Sunflower bee clock inspired me. A gift from Nature.

I needed a candle holder so I could do my "Flowers and Flame" for the coffee table.
I cut out the center of a spent sunflower and added a tea light. I harvested more spent sunflowers and made potpourri. Once they are dry I will add essential oil.

Spent sunflower heads are showing up all over my house. They are beautiful.

At twilight last night a storm was on the way. We went to the gardens.

We planted seeds. We are optimistic people.

The swifts were flying.

The green bean, sunflower, and spaghetti squash seeds all received a nice watering in from Mother Nature. A gift I am so grateful for.

We have a break from the dry and the heat.

I am so very grateful.

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