Sunday, August 27, 2006

A Walk in the Woods

My husband had not been to the Arboretum for at least 10 years. I was there last year visiting the Medicine Wheel. It has changed since he last visited.
Lots of paved sidewalks and resting benches and water features, with all sorts of trees and flowers.
The entrance has a post rock fence. I was pleased. Post Rock says, "Kansas" to me, as does wheat and sunflowers.
I have many butterflies in my backyard but I do not have thistle.
The Gardens still have some areas that are not paved and cultivated. We were able to walk in the woods. The sounds of birds and bugs and the whispering of trees was still here. Natural running water sounds different than water that has been pumped to man-made waterfalls.
The White Cabbage butterfly is pretty. Having one stop long enough for a picture was nice.
At our house we had 2.2 inches of rain Friday night.
This morning I check for Saturday's overnight rain total and we had received another 3 inches of rain. I think that is plenty for awhile. Should catch us up for August.

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