Friday, August 04, 2006

Putting up Tomatoes

The tomatoes are ripening at a faster rate now. The recent rain and somewhat cooler temperatures are helping. We eat one or two a day. The rest I put up for winter. It is so easy. I just core and chop them up. I remove any "bad" spots. Some of today's picks had a few splits.
Blend them up.
I pour the tomatoes into freezer bags and freeze. Easy, quick and yummy this winter. I did three bags today. Took me less then 15 minutes.
Spent an hour outside playing with the bugs and the flowers!

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Q said...

Hello Sprite!
I am so very excited to hear about your tomatoes. Thank you for letting me know you soon will have a ripe tomato for your table. Nothing is yummier to me than food from my own back yard!