Sunday, August 20, 2006


Different butterflies are showing up. The Luffa is blooming again.

Never was able to see her open wings, could be a Painted Lady.
I left some Lavender blooms so they would go to seed. Mantis must be finding bugs in the lavender bed.
Today I am grooming the east side. I have zinnias growing where the day lilies are planted. I will work with the butterflies.

Sprite asked if the Mantis was related to the Walking Stick. It is not. I did find a nice web site that has information on the Walking Stick. I will look for them in the gardens. They are very cool bugs! Thank you, Sprite, for reminding me of them.

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Q said...

Hi Sprite,
I did some research on the Walking Stick. Posted a link too. They are very cool bugs!
Thanks for reminding me about them.
Yeah! I am on the lookout now for Walking Sticks!
Will add them to my monthly program. I think I need a bug to love in November. I will need a photo to frame.