Monday, August 07, 2006


She has a routine.
She perches up,
Gets her treat,

Flies off.
She is not the only bird that has decided to perch up!


Sprite said...


Dear Q~

A Pink Dove with brilliant pink feet!

What more can one ask for? What a precious message of love that is, isn't it?

My, oh my.

I think you have turned into the Goddess who cares for all living creatures...

...and now they are showing up in remarkable colors to imbue your grace-filled garden with so much love and so much light, that it causes one to truly believe that there is way more than meets the eye.

I see you.


Q said...

Dear Sprite,
There are about 6 Doves that live near by. They coo and feed and have raised their young here. Sometimes they are pinkish and sometimes gray. Long time friends.
They are loved.
I am always gifted by Nature.
It is my joy to share these gifts with all who come by.
Here one can find peace. Here one can find refreshment.
Here we work together.
Here the elements are celebrated.

I think the plants and the birds and the bugs and the rocks and all the fourlegged take care of me. With out them I would not be.

Thank you for seeing me.

Sprite said...


Dear Q~

The morning after I wrote that post, I opened the back door, only to find a sweet little dove feather on my back porch.

What a wonderful affirmation for grace in one's life! And to think it landed on my doorstep. I accept the gift.


* Sprite

Q said...

Oh Dear Sprite,
They love you so very much.
Dove feathers, my goodness.
So beautiful. A fine gift from your dear friends.
Yeah, I love knowing the Doves are near to your heart too.
My we are connected!