Sunday, August 06, 2006


When we set up the bird feeding station I set up a new perch for me.
A couple times a day I sit and look out at the back yard. I write in my journal. I check my lists. I read.

Usually I have a beverage of some sort. I always use a straw. When I found glass straws I was very pleased. These are dishwasher safe. I bought eight so I could use them when company came over. They are clear glass.

Sprite was sweet to share her recipe for Bannocks. I printed it and decorated it and placed it on a recipe stand. Such a nice addition to August.

My husband said he noticed when I go to the grocery store I often come home with notions. He is right.
I shop at Nature's Pantry. They carry nice things. Last week they had the large wood combs and a round brush with natural bristles.

It is the little things in life that give me pleasure.
It is the kindness of others that inspires me.

We are watering.
My husband is moving the sprinklers today.

Once again it is 100 degrees.

Once again we need rain. "Please to have a pop-up."

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Q said...

Dear Sprite,
We are kindred spirits! I am ever so charmed by you and all you share.
Being with you in this realm is delightful. I look forward to your comments. You put song into my heart.
After so many days of heat I think the house never gets to properly cool down. The break was nice just not long enough!
Every morning I light a light for you. I breathe and send breath. It is a meditation I do for my friend, Sprite.
I support you and your plans. Your practice is needed. So many feel pain.
Do know every time someone reads your precious words, love and light goes forth.
"Act as if" ... yes, we step forward.