Monday, August 28, 2006

Rainbow Watch

Last evening as the storms moved eastward we were on Rainbow Watch. I glimpsed small segments off and on as I watched the Sky Scape change.
From Friday night to Sunday might we received 6 inches of rain.
We were able to enjoy the outdoors in- between showers during the day.
At night we slept to the sounds of rain.

Today I am packing up the August decorations. My husband brought up the bins. I will clean and begin decorating for September. I am thinking about August. It has been a month of gifts. Each day a delight. Sunflowers and hummingbirds, butterflies and tomatoes have entertained me, feed my body and my soul.
Our children are happy. They also have new adventures. Summer is coming to an end. Autumn just around the corner.
It is Apple time. It is time for the circus to come to town.

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