Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Venus Rising

I awoke when the fan went off. It was 4:52 am. The electricity had gone off.

Morning gifts: Venus rising

Sunrise over the Pines

Praying Mantis on the kitchen window frame.

I fixed ice coffee for our morning beverage.
I lit the candles and the oil lamps.

The amber glass candle inserts were a thrift store find yesterday.
I found four.

I brought out the "Power Out" journal. My husband went to check to see how far reaching the outage was. He saw power company trucks fixing a transformer. We would have electricity before long.

I dressed by the sunrise. Within the hour the power was on.

Another hot day is forecasted. Watering has begun.

Yesterday's gifts were many. The thrift store had this dipper gourd someone had made into a lovely scoop. Our dipper gourds are forming. I see how to make scoops.

The Obsidian necklace and earrings came yesterday. It is my stone for August. My daughter and I shopped together for this. The swan will remind me to keep my neck back!

The birds planted sunflowers and now they are blooming.

Each day has so many gifts!

For Harvest Day, my husband dug the last of the potatoes. I read Rosemary can help keep potatoes fresh and help to delay sprouting. I picked nine tomatoes. Some I picked a bit green. They will ripen on the counter and avoid splitting.

A basket of yellow squash finished our celebration of Celtic Harvest.


Anonymous said...

Hmm.. what can I say? I'm speechless. :) Beautiful pictures. I wonder, though, what thrift store is that.

Q said...

Hi Samantha,
Welcome to Corner!
There are two thrift stores in my area I shop in. Both are affiliated with not for profit groups. I pop in about once a month. Usually I can find a few items that will work for my decorating. I used to shop yard sales but I find they take too much time and too much gasoline! I like the secondary market. I poke around in junk stores and antique shops too!
Maybe I can do a shopping post. That would be fun!

Q said...

Hi Sprite,
It is always fun when you come by!
August is coming along so very well this year even with the hot and dry.
Mother Nature is delighting me with all of her wonders. Thrift Stores have also been fun.
I am still framing photos of sunflowers!
I do have plans for next year going! Lots more sunflowers. I only planted 700 sunflower seeds this year. Next year I want to double that and plant every few weeks so I have continous flowers from July through September. I think I might try to do sunflowers and zinnias together too.
I did buy some perennial sunflower seed today. I will winter sow them. They will go in the new Rain Garden.
I am so excited.
Thank you for being a Dear Heart.
Blessings to you and yours,