Monday, August 21, 2006

Perfect Timing

I was thinking about the New Moon coming this Wednesday, August 23rd, 2:11pm cdt. I am thinking I shall name her the" New Sunflower Moon".
I was just thinking about what I shall do to celebrate when my Hummingbird friend came by for some nectar.

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Q said...

Hi Sprite,
Happy New Sunflower Moon to you too! I am having fun naming the New Moon. I am glad August's New Moon turned out to be "Sunflower". When Hummimgbird came flying in to the sunflowers I was so very thrilled. I was working in the back garden with my camera handy. So far this photo is my favorite. Her showing up gave me the "sign" I needed. I did wait until the 23rd, New Moon Day, to make it official.
I wrote it in my New Moon journal. Come next year I will know just how I celebrated.
Adding the celebration of the New Moon into our lives is very nice.
My Husband and I love the moon and giving the New Moon names is ever so special to me.