Monday, August 21, 2006


I have been watching the berries on the Dogwood turn to red, winter food for the birds.
The Sergeant Crab tree has had berries for a month. They also are starting to turn. More winter bird food.
The grasshoppers are out in force.

This morning I put away the pastel clothes. I will not wear them now until next Spring. I began the transition into Fall. The rusts and the reds are in the laundry.
The school bus stopped at the corner for the children down the street.
We will still have hot days. The humidity can still be very high. The end of August is fast approaching. Time for me to square up summer.

Time to start getting ready for Fall.
A blue tailed Skink was under my weeding bucket this morning. I have read Lizards are all about dreaming. I am dreaming.

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Q said...

Dear Sprite,
I have been thinking about how I organize. Being a gardener means I very much know there is a time for every season. If I want food in October I need to plant seeds in September. Those seeds need to be here at the house and find-able so I can get them sowed. So I have a spot I put seed in so I know where it is come time to sow. I have my seed box. In the same way I do this with every thing.
When our children grew up and moved to their own houses I began using one of their old bedroom closets for my "off" season clothes. In this closet there are side shelves and a long top shelf. Each shelf represents a month to me. Thus September's clothes are on one shelf. Very easy to pick up the pile of clothes and go through them. The things that need freshening up go to the laundry. As they come through they go to the dresser drawer. Easy! For me to be and stay organized it must be easy. Not complicated. There is overlapping too. Thus I will store in the first month I will be wanting to wear. Last year our daughter returned a dresser she no longer needed. Those drawers became my "good" sweater drawers. I wrap my sweaters in tissue and put a sprig or two of lavender with. Nice for when I unwrap a sweater. The tissue I will reuse for other things. I have a spot I keep spent tissue in for wrapping up tomatoes or what ever I need tissue for. Always easy to find.

I let go of things that no longer work for me too. Thus I always have a donation box going. It is picked up every six weeks.

I also play 20,000 thing pick up every day! Seems as if items get out of their spots. Staying tidy makes for easy living.

As you can tell I like things to be beautiful. Plus I seem to like everything! I treasure the small pieces of paper that come into my life. I treasure all the gifts from Mother Nature. Having a way to enjoy these gifts is part of the reason I change all the decorations every month.
I use folders for the pieces of paper. Using different motif is part of organizing. When I see a sunflower I know it belongs to August. I decorate my folders too so I know what month it is! It is fun to decorate and makes for easy find.
I am currently working on organizing all the photos I have taken since the first of May. I have them on discs and now I am looking for a box that they can live in. I have sixteen cds, all completly full of photo files. For now I will keep them together. In the future they will go into the bins for the month. The cases are different colors that reflect the color of the month the photos were taken. Since I only have four different colors of cases right now the colors will double up. I label too. Again easier to find later. Once I have my box I will find a spot in my office for it. The photos will move in and out of the box. It could take me a year to find just the right box at just the right price!
The journals help too. Right now I am waiting for flower bulbs to come into the stores. Since I do forced bulbs during the Winter I need my bulbs in the refrigerator cooling soon. We shall be traveling this December so I will do my forced bulbs for January-February-March. To have my flowers I need to start them 6 weeks before bloom. I have a journal I keep about forced bulbs.

Thank you Sprite for your kind words. I do not think any one does tell me such sweet words. My husband does think I am clever. He will say he thinks I am very imaginative! I only know I love life and all the beauty.
Being able to share my life is really amazing to me. Having you come and spend your time and kind words is a thrill for me.
I have always loved the plants and birds and bugs! I am one who tries to find ways to full use. Now I get to share all of this. That is awesome for me!