Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Dance of the Butterflies

This morning when I went out to check the gardens the Wind Harp began to sing, breeze from the Northwest.
I breathed deeply. The scent of Autumn was in the breeze. It only lasted for a moment. It told me to pay attention. Summer would soon be over. Time to let the flowers set seed.
A new pair of Swallowtail butterflies came to the back marigolds.
So beautiful as they danced about. He would land for nectar, then she.
I have seen the bee dance. I have seen the birds dance. Today I watched the butterflies dance.
My friend told me I was born on a Blue Moon. I certainly was gifted by Mother Nature today.


Anonymous said...

Dear Q,

I'm awed by your photos!!!! So life like it seems as if we could be dancing too.
Please keep them coming. I'm not so gifted this year, so thank you so much for sharing.

Q said...

"Oh what a beautiful morning,
Oh what a beautiful day. I have a beautiful feeling...."

Thank you both! If Mother Nature keeps sending her loveliness my way I will keep trying to take photos! It is fun.

Although I enjoy every season I too am ready for the crisp mornings of Autumn. I love sweaters and hats!

The butterflies brought tears to my eyes. They were so beautiful. I had never seen such a dance of light and joy. I sat on the deck stairs and watched for at least 15 minutes. They fluttered away. They were taken by the breeze.

Thank-you Sprite! I like "rare" rather than "unusual"!

I do think I get along well with the birds and bugs and plants.

What will the gardens show me today? An adventure I bet. Thank you for sharing in it.