Tuesday, August 08, 2006

We are Friends

She trusts me now.

Sometimes I am too close for a photo!

I planted the Red Top Zinnias just for the hummers. Glad she found them.

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Q said...

Happy day to you, Sprite,

Truely, Hummingbird has been so close I can hear her wings! She went from shy to "Hello, thank you for nectar treats."
No juice today. Too hot.
So happy she found the flowers. Those will get her through the heat. Zinnias are so reliable in the blazing heat, good food source for hummers and butterflies and bees.

As I learn more about my camera I hope to be able to take photos of all sorts of life here. To be able to see in print what my eyes see will be so very nice. I have heard one of these days we will have equipment that takes photos in 3d.
Ladybugs and ants do not come out very well. My lens does not get close enough. As you may have guessed I have a list, "Please to have for camera". I need lenses and filters and..
Our journey is just beginning. So happy we are traveling together.