Friday, August 04, 2006

Putting up Tomatoes

I went out to the gardens to pick tomatoes and was waylaid by the flowers and bugs. I have waited three years to see this perennial hibiscus bloom. I winter sowed some seeds from a plant at my Dad's house. He was so thrilled when he grew his. I am thrilled to have one from his plant. My tribute plant to him.
The yellow sedum is blomming and these little Phaon Crescent butterflies just cover it in August.
Marigolds attract all sorts of garden helpers.
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Q said...

Hi Sprite,

Yeah! It is nice to share some of my most special flowers.

Oh, nice to know the Catalpa tree attracts Sphynx Moths, aka, Hummingbird Moths. Beautiful trees!
Beautiful bugs!

I am Marigold dependant! My seed is from saved seed. I save every year for next year. Have done so for over 30 years! Can not imagine life without my Marigolds.

Sometimes I go outside and forget time.