Monday, August 07, 2006


It is supper time and I am out with the butterflies. I forgot to pick peppers and tomatoes.
I forgot I was hungry.
I am smitten.


Saucy said...

You always have the most beautiful photos on your blog! Love the butterflies.

Q said...

Hi Saucy,
Thank you. I do have work to do but I keep going outside to play with the birds and bugs and flowers.

Q said...

Thank you Sprite,
I have printed the top photo and framed it. I do love these pictures. The light was just right and the orange of the flowers just right and dear butterfly so sweet.
Today she was tattered and laying her eggs. I do think we will have off spring next year.
Doing the host gardens and the nectar should keep the butterflies in the gardens for many years. I will work on giving other types of butterflies food and shelter too.