Thursday, August 24, 2006

Paying Attention

I saw a flash of black fly into the sunflower stand. I grabbed my camera. Seeing the Chick-a-dee on a sunflower was ever so fine. Today I was going to work in the sunflower patch. I thought I would go ahead and start cleaning it up. Maybe I will just weed. The Gold finches have strong legs so they can turn upside down. Little Chick-a-dee has to perch on the flower and must depend on the small lower to the ground heads. Maybe I will leave the weeds. They do offer some protection. Seeing the Orange Sulphur looking orange and the black edge of her wings was fun.
A new Swallowtail came in as I was coming inside.
I want to paint for awhile. I will show my sunflower next time. She is coming right along.

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