Sunday, August 27, 2006

Just had to share

I had never seen a Hummingbird's tongue! This just brings tears to my eyes.
I love everything about this photo.
Heavy rain is on the way.


Sprite said...


Dear Q~

Oh oh oh, the Hummingbird is so precious, I have tears in my eyes. I am so very touched by your photographic journey. Thank you so much for continuing to be so thoughtful and generous of heart with us.

Please to have some red zinnias next year. I must find a way.

Early this morning or should I say the middle of the night at 3:00 am, I went out and stood in the rain. I held my hands up and just cried, I was so happy that it was raining. We have been so far behind for so long, I had started to become quite worried about my trees, with our foundation cracking, and our patio split in half, and mostly all the creatures and sentient life in need.

As I stood there, I was in the present moment. The Now. I felt life imbue me with a sense of deepening of love with such gratitude that it was overwhelming to me. My very tall oak trees were so happy, I could just tell. I could feel the life forms around me just as joyful and grateful as I.

I stood there and thanked "The Powers That Be," for the blessing of such a wondrous event. Yes, I found rain to be a wondrous, exciting, fulfilling, and deepening spiritual event. I couldn't help but crying.

I came in soaking wet, and didn't care in the least. I could smell the aromatherapy oil I had used before bed, just so fragrant and life affirming, that I felt I needed to just take in the rain, and allow it to dry naturally. I felt cleansed somehow.

When I turned in for the night, I felt my spirit within so alive, fulfilled and happy. I just wanted to share that with you.

Lovingly and with deep gratitude,


Q said...

Dear Sprite,

I very much understand the joy of rain! I also am one who has showered in the rain. I feel the nurishment of a good soaking rain when it has been so very dry. Being a plant person I am ever so connected with all of nature. Thank you for sharing your rain shower with us.
I watched yesterday as 8 Doves showered. They were perched on the power lines in the back yard. Often the small birds will perch up on the tomato house stakes and enjoy the showers. Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal were soaked after the showers that came through in the late sfternoon. They both came to the feeder in-between pop ups!

I save as much rain water as I can. Would like to be able to save more. I will see about a couple more rain barrels. The rain water is the best for my plants and animals.

I am planning on saving red zinnia seed for next year. I hope to enlarge my bird zinnia bed. Also I will plant lots more sunflowers and will under plant them with zinnias. I had a dream that was the red zinnias and sunflowers. I thought it was a meadow someplace. Little did I realize it was a flower bed here, under the bird feeding station. In my dream Hummingbird was sipping nectar from a zinnia. I expect next year we will have three to four times more sunflowers and ten times more zinnias!
Easy seed to germinate. In my mind the zinnias are very beautiful and the butterflies and hummers do love them. Marigolds are easy too and nice garden helpers.
I have had Hummers in the gardens for many years. This is the first time I have been able to get close-up photos because of my new camera!
In the past I have had Hummingbird feeders in my window boxes. I could watch them up close at the kitchen table. Small feeders in pots are nice too if your garden is a container garden.
The camera has changed my entire life! I now can use my garden and all of the wonderful creatures that share my spot as part of my decorating and my greeting cards. I could get to where I can make everything I need right from my own backyard. Drying and pressing my flowers is part of my use. I love the look of my garden flowers drying all over the house.

Corner has also changed my life. Opening my garden gate to you is so delightful for me. Being able to share every day is a joy.
Thank you for being with me as I learn and share. Each day is a new adventure. Not being alone is a gift from "The Powers that Be".
You are a gift from the Heavens.